Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HomeBrew Update

 Just a quick update. It's been a while since I updated my blog so I thought it was time to do one.

 I've got several more batches of Homebrew under my belt now and I'm so glad I decided to get into this hobby, it's great fun and what other hobby do you get to drink the fruits of your labor.

 I've add some new equipment, I bought (2) 6-Gallon Glass Carboys and a 6 gallon bottling bucket. this has allowed to have up to 3 different batches going at once.

 I've also allowed more time for certain styles to ferment and that has help boost the ABV and improve the flavor, mouth feel and taste of the beers.

 I've also started Dry Hopping some of my beers. They aren't done yet so I'll update you on how that turns out.

 Right now I've got my 2nd Bavarian Hefe Weizen Style Ale in a Carboy Dry Hopping and an Oaked India Pale Ale I've Dry Hopped a lot to make it more of a California Style IPA, or an Extra IPA.

 I also done a Fruit Beer for the first time, I called it Orchard Ale, it's a mildly Hopped Amber Ale.

 It just finished bottle conditioning today, or reached enough time in the bottle to carbonate enough to drink.

 It's very tasty Indeed.

 Amy asked me to do something Beer without a lot of Hops and with Peaches...lol. I said OK, did some reading and come up a recipe for what I wind up call an Orchard Ale.

 I used a Peck (1/2 a Bushel) of Fresh, Really Ripe Peaches, some Canned (in their own juice) Pears and 2 cans of Apricot Nector as the Fruit Base. Along with some Liquid and Dry Malt Extract.

 One of the things I found out when researching this type of fruit beer is that Peaches lose their flavor really fast after you bottle the beer unless you add other fruits to the mix. The Flavor of the Peaches is in the Sugars and the Yeast winds up eating those Sugars as time passes after you bottle. So I added the Apricot Nector and Canned Pears, which aren't suppose to fade out like the Peaces do.

 Today was day 14 in the bottles for the Orchard Ale and the Peach/Fruit Flavor is really there and tastes Awesome. Time will tell how long these wonderful fruit flavors stick around.

 I think Amy will be pleased to have a Style of Beer she can drink and enjoy, I already like it so hopefully both of us will be Happy.

 Well that's about it for now, I'll have more to post after I get these other 2 batches bottled and sampled. Cya again in about 3 weeks to a month.